September 14, 2016
September 14, 2016

2016 Candidate Race

The 2016 Candidate Campaigns are a perfect example of how NOT to arrive at peaceful solutions.

When couples come for counseling they often sound as if they took a page from Hillary and Donald: name calling, put downs, expletives sometimes accompanied by dissident screaming, and past reminiscences of every error previously made.

When has that every accomplished a solution?

Let us imagine that Hillary and Donald are a couple who have arrived for counseling: First it is important to acknowledge each others disagreements and why they oppose each other. This often takes considerable time because each person is certain that their ideas are the correct ones.

Once that is accomplished each person needs to state the facts NOT judgements of the other. Judgements tend to act as a distraction from dealing with the real issues that need to be overcome in order to bring peace and harmony. As you can see by the speeches of the proposed presidential candidates sorting out the facts from the emotions is similar to diving in muddy water with little possibility of finding clear vision.

However, with persistence, and the desire of both parties to work things out - this can be accomplished by determining the consequences of destruction of a relationship.

The consequences of America is on the line. The candidates have a relationship with the U.S. citizens which is more significant than just a marriage.

However, there often is another factor in marriage that causes additional conflict. It is usually some in-law member who imposes comments which cause additional interference and hurt. Often the couple excludes those individuals that divide rather than unite. Or they may begin counseling with extended family members to resolve the problems.

In this Race that disturbance is the Media with its desire to maintain audience attendance rates. Therefore, the raw, unacceptable, disagreeable and divisive remarks are not only reported but discussed interminably. Editorializing constantly causes the subjects-in this case-the public, to stop listening altogether. Since that is not the desired result it would behove the media to report what the candidates intend to do, how they intend to do it, and how they will bring both parties together in order to pass the necessary bills that the President elect will request.

For our marriage is one that includes the People, the President, the Congress and the Senate.
The over-riding issue for both candidates is the question; How will you convince the legislators to pass your bills that you are proposing right now to us?

We the people need the Media to act in the publics best behalf. The ratings should improve and the public will obtain the important information for informative voting.