September 29, 2007
September 29, 2007


Rebellion (published 9-29-07) “Don’t tell me what I ought to do” used to be the exclusive reaction by teenagers to parental protective directives. Now it seems that there is a growing population of mature ages who react in the same manner to basic biological facts. This article is for the demography that believe that playing Russian Roulette when having unprotected sex reverses the laws of nature. This growing segment of the population use sex for purposes other than procreation so that when the unwanted pregnancy appears, there is a reaction of surprise, anger, frustration, annoyance and rejection.

The connection to reality appears to be giving way to delusional thinking. These are basic facts: If you step in front of a car you will likely die, If you eat more than your body can metabolize, you will likely gain weight, if you have unprotected sex you will likely be rocking a child nine months later. It blows my mind that I even need to write a column pointing out what appears to most people as self-evident.

However for those individuals that have missed basic biological concepts while growing up, the fallout from their actions have ramification that destroy their egos, damage the psyche of their unwanted children,and ruin their marriages through the blame game as to who was responsible for the mess up. There are two people having intercourse and therefore two people are responsible.

Responsibility for your actions is the first step towards a simpler lifestyle. The next step is developing a mindfulness of the internalized messages such as the blatant sexuality in movies, commercials, sitcoms, magazine adds, etc. that sex is a sport, recreation, and/or passionate sex which seems to happen with no protective restrictions.

Perhaps just as with cigarette disclaimers there should be a warning on all publicly displayed sexuality that imitating unprotected sex could result in an an unwanted pregnancy.