September 6, 2008
September 6, 2008

Food for Thought/ Instincts

Animals vie for dominance. Cubs of Lions, wolves, and even human siblings will wrestle until the leader is determined by the strength of will over the other. My youngest son was about eighteen months old when he and our Labrador puppy sparred it out. My husband forbade me to interfere. I feared the dog would bite our baby. I watched carefully ready to intervene before any physical harm could be done. However, I need not have worried as my son, Lyman, demanded dominance over his pet. The dog became his confidant and protector, but that is another story. The point I wish to make is that the strongest willed individual who can convince the other party of dominance is the one in that position.

It occurred to me that “racial discrimination” is a form of dominating others with whatever effective intimidation is utilized: force/coercion/ brain washing which is also used to overpower another person/class/religion/relative to maintain the desired status.

People are always looking for differences to put down another. In Africa a diminutive sized tribe with a wider nose was considered inferior to the other tribes in the area and enslaved on that basis. In America, there is a desire to create retribution against those who dare to have tattoos, or have a different sexual orientation, or anything else or everything else they can find to pick on to create a demeaning attitude.

In personal relationships: a man might declare that his woman is not dressed properly or doesn’t maintain the household/children to his liking. The natural instincts of the human animal take the so called civilized ideas out of civilization. It occurs to me, that until we “higher level” of entities, who refuse to believe they are animals, will remain animals until we can instinctively treat each other with respect.