I started my counseling practice in 1978 when I was 45 years old. I achieve balance in my life by keeping myself busy, both physically and mentally. I returned to college with three growing children and maintained the traditional role of mother and housewife except for the hours that my children were in school.

I was a Staff member bimonthly contributor for "THE SOUND OBSERVER" newspaper. When it stopped its publications I continued to place the articles on my website fawcettcounseling.com in order that the public might read them. I have been Counseling clients since 1978 until the present day.

I, also write books which I hope will inform and inspire individuals to be motivated to improve their lives.

The audiences at my Presentations purchase the weekly historical personal accounts of the Revolutionary War by the Eliot/Burr family, (yes the Burrs related to the former Vice President Aaron Burr). I had inherited the letters from my husband's step father. The published book, "MISSING LINKS TO THE CULPER SPY RING?" reflects the very probable connection to the Long Island Culper Spy Ring that General George Washington had Major Benjamin Talmadge organize to create more efficiency in obtaining information about the British upcoming strikes.

Norman Johnson, Texas KEEE radio announcer and former reverend, told me that my book, "HEAR MY CRY!" reminded him of the parables of the Bible.

The book, "THE LOGIC OF EMOTIONS" is the result of my counseling efforts to inform both genders that all thoughts are always accompanied by the brain's neurotransmissions which result in emotional feelings. Since women have a larger limbic system than men, the female brain creates more intense emotional responses to events than men experience. Men find is easier to understand the outbursts of women when they see it as more than just a monthly cycle.

Another book, "HOW TO TRAIN YOUR HUSBAND TO BECOME AN ADULT," offers support for women who feel intimidated by men. It takes a comedic look at marriages suggesting a humorous approach to difficult marital differences.

With these two last mentioned books I had to learn how to format them into Kindle books. Now all four are available on Amazon.com.

Researching life in all its ramifications is but another hobby. Yet, I am especially interested in the body, brain, nature, and life which is akin to me as discovering diamonds in my backyard.

I am-so to speak a "dabbler"-I dabble in music both playing piano and singing (I even took lessons on the drums once); dabbling with foreign languages enough to find my way if I'm lost. The results satisfy me partially even if they do not do so for others.

When I am not busy with my counseling practice I redesign gifted saris into what I like to refer to as my own Project Runway dresses.

I usually fit in swimming, gym or walking for one hour each day.

Even though I am a great grandmother the youthful male ballroom and latin dancers invite me to dance with them.

Facebook friends admire my drawings and say that I should sell them. So I do sell them.

A busy productive life of giving and caring for others as well as myself entertains me. I enjoy every day of my life. I do not know how I got to be 82 years old, but I feel more as if I were 40. I am always refreshing my life with each new day.