September 30,2001
September 30,2001


This column is written a year in advance, therefore I apologize for not being able to be immediately respond to the mourning needs of America in the World Trade Center's disaster. Moreover, I, too, share the grief that grips this Nation. Our Nation will never be the same nor will the World. However, instead of being segmented and diversified, we are united in one common union to rid ourselves forever of Terrorists that wish to destroy rather than build.

Today, September 25, 2001 I saw on T.V. that 80 Nations were represented at the World Trade Center and they are sorrowing over their loss with us. The terrorists could not have planned a better way to unite all nations (except Iraq) to ruthlessly and determinedly root out their nest. The five thousand or more who have involuntarily died have unknowingly created a purpose for freedom, the likes of which has never existed previously.

All nations have an arduous task of flushing out this ubiquitous enemy. Psychological profiles and handwriting assessment at all levels of our community must be instated. Children must be analyzed annually to prevent the mind set from being established. Employers must have a means to caution them to potential dangers so that the proper authorities may be alerted.

Right now we all need to deal with this senseless heart wrenching act. People need to talk, to reach out to others, to express their sorrow. I ask complete strangers, "Are you alright?" Kindness is prevalent everywhere. I asked a neighbor to help me secure my American flag. Ordinarily I wouldn't ask, but I could not have reached the fourteen foot high pole myself. His answer was, "I'll be right there." He immediately came over.

Another stage of grieving is anger. That is normal, but we need to focus that anger on those proven by law to have done it. Call the police if you are suspicious of anyone. Let them and the FBI investigate if your lead is valid or not. We do not want to become a mirror image of the terrorists!

We may have headaches, stomach aches, and even experience strange phenomena. If you are personally feeling any adverse reactions yet, after a month, seek grief counseling. Helplessness is one of the most overpowering emotions that can debilitate us so that we are unable to focus on our work chores. Look for a way to contribute, either with money, blood or time serving in some capacity that is helpful.

Most of all remember that our loved ones did not die in vain. They have instead created a common cause for all Nations to unite and fight for the rights of humanity. I never thought I would live to see the day that the majority of the world population would band together with love and purpose to root out the "evil" that would have destroyed man, but now they will be reduced to being exterminated themselves as one would vermin.

Let us not make ourselves take the victim role by trying to determine what we have done to cause them to hate us. Instead, let us be aware that they twist facts to justify their angry acts. They have been bombing European cities for at least the last two decades of my memory. At one point Terrorists threw a paraplegic off a cruiser simply because they felt like doing it.

Iraq had not yet been bombed, but supposedly that is their justification for their actions. Osama bin Laden in an old interview rerun on TV said that because the Atom Bomb in Japan was used in WWII that it justified his murdering citizens of every age. But, America was ashamed that innocent people were hurt. Osama bid Laden seems to feel that any act of terror that he or his group may do will make up for past acts of national unkindness. That type of thinking only furthers more blood shed. It does nothing to create peace and harmony. His reasoning is skewed and as such needs to be restrained in whatever manner humanity can muster to rid ourselves of his wanton acts.

God Bless the United World. Let us all unite to develop Peace and Harmony forever.