Business Information: Counseling Approach and Goals
Business Information: Counseling Approach and Goals

Office Policy
Billings will be made on appointments which are not cancelled at least four hours in advance.

All appointments are made for a single one-hour session with Bernadine Fawcett.

Commitment is limited to one-hour sessions which begin on the hour and end on the hour. It is the client's responsibility to be available for reserved appointments at the agreed upon time with Bernadine Fawcett.

Counseling Approach and Counseling Goals
Based on unique individual situations. Couples are usually seen together for faster crisis intervention. Should there be a preference to be seen separately, that will be honored. Flexibility with this program might occur in the event that the counselor deems it necessary to see each person alone. The counselor deals with the onset and the problem(s) plus the goals of the participants. Methodologies vary according to the client's needs and perceptions. Therefore, further details are gained at the time of the appointment.

However, the goals the counselor sets for each client is to:
1. Contain the crisis.
2. Develop plans and skills to maintain a stable situation.
3. Work the plans and skills until they are solidly established and habitual.
4. Eliminate the negative situations, attitudes, emotions, and behaviors with positive replacements.
5. Create client awareness of the learned process so that the client may duplicate it any time the situation starts to backslide.