Bernadine Fawcett is able to give presentations on the importance of the Patriot Culper Spy Ring of Long Island.

After the Revolutionary War, England's chief of Intelligence declared about George Washington's victory, "He simply out spied us." Fawcett's book MISSING LINKS TO THE CULPER SPY RING? is a footnote to the historical 1700's sacrifices to gain the freedom we now all enjoy. The letters of Rev. Andrew Eliot reflect the attitudes of the times towards women, children, slaves, and Loyalists.

Relive the total experience with Bernadine Fawcett. Speeches can be about any of the below information or segments of it determined by the audience preferences. Contact Bernadine Fawcett to schedule a lecture or for more details at or by phone at 631-289-0735.

Bernadine Fawcettís newly published book, MISSING LINKS TO THE CULPER SPY RING? is a Personal Event Historical footnote. The intimate letters of Reverend A. Eliot written in 1777-1778 explores the hearts and minds of citizens during the Revolutionary War era. Divulged is new evidence of the cabal against George Washington, the citizens plights of starvation, disease, and death, the outcry to end the war, and the beginnings of slavery dissent, while the home front keeps women in their place and infants made docile by methods that CPS today would jail the parent. Spying on the spies as you read the family letters allows a mystery to evolve. Solve the degree of participation which Long Island and Connecticut co-conspired to bring freedom to all of us right up to our day thorough the Culper Spy Ring organized by Long Island's Benjamin Tallmadge.

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TIME TRAVEL THROUGH to the Culper Spy Ring and discover it as the major influence for Freedom in the American REVOLUTIONARY WAR.

DEAD MAN secrets live again through Bernadine Fawcettís book MISSING LINKS TO THE CULPER SPY RING? who published Rev. Andrew Eliotís long forgotten Revolutionary War letters.

SOLVE THE MYSTERY! He was a Patriot, but was he a spy?; who risked his life to give us freedom? Does his intricate knowledge of troop movements and supplies of both sides proclaim him as an unsung hero?

TIME TRAVEL to 1777-1778 to discover what lessons can be learned from our struggle for liberty and apply that knowledge to Iraqís ìgrowing painsî to reach Democracy.

UNCOVER archaic attitudes towards women, children and slaves. How similar were we then to Iraqís backwardness?

Sponsored by Historical Societies, The University of New York: Stony Brook, AAUW, Riverhead Cablevision, and Suffolk County.

Presentations previously given to:
1. Green Ave. Community Center
2. Sayville Historical Society
3. Wading River Historical Society
4. Manorville Historical Society
5. Deer Park Historical Society
6. Moriches Bay Historical Society
7. Yapank Historical Society
8. Bridgehampton Historical Society
9. Millerplace-Mt. Sinai Historical Society
10. Mattituck Laurel Historical Society
11. East Islip Public Library
12. Shelter Island Historical Society
13. SUNYSB Book Stores Atrium
14. Deepwells County Farm
15. Central Islip Library
16. DAR at the South Hampton Historical Society
17. Bayshore Bright Waters Library - The Gray Panthers Organization
18. East Meadow Public Library
19. Raynham Hall
20. Southampton Colony Chapter

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