February 15, 2018
February 15, 2018


A husband asks his wife if she wants to (choose the one that fits your situation): have sex, buy a new car, get a dog, go for a walk, etc. and his wife says. "Whatever, you want to do" or she says, "I am not in favor of it, but you are going to do it anyway", or she says, "O.K."

Any of the above answers are interpreted by the male as "Yes do it."

What the male does not understand is that the many women say, "Yes" and then resent the man for proceeding ahead with the action.

The motivation for the female can be a variety of reasons: desires no conflict, feels unloved or threatened if she implements her rejection, or lastly gives in because there is a cultural dictate still hanging around that women should demure gracefully with requests. (See What is a Lady? for more details) This attitude is not recognized by the public and therefore the public is oblivious to its power over ones actions (See Power Stories for more details).

No one is made to do any thing, it is a choice. The choice may be life or death but it still is a choice. If the case may be made that it is a cause and effect ,then, everyone would react identically under similar circumstances. Instead people have chosen to be burned at the stake rather than give up their core beliefs.

Choices may be understandable due to the threat of torture, death, or discord, but they are still choices.

Choices can include resentment, resistance, or agreement towards the values, morals, ideology, persons, groups, or nations. Nevertheless they still remain choices.

Responsibility for our decisions and actions is very important so that we can accept them and therefore improve on them. We must own our choices and take responsibility for them before we are able to choose differently.

Terrorists feel they have the right to kill due to their own choice of doctrine. Does anyone believe that the victims are responsible for the terrorists choice to murder them? Only the terrorists themselves believe that the population is responsible for their angst, dissatisfaction, disgruntlement, abhorrence, non-gratification, desolation, and wretchedness.

Concepts, theories, convictions collide since the beginning of man such as with: religious wars, wars over ownership of property, wars over distribution of finances.

Advertising connects needs and wants of the public by identifying the underlying desire and convincing the public that they must have their product. Is it the advertiser's fault when an individual overspends his/her income?

Gambling casinos create attractiveness of fun and possible wealth to entice gamblers. Is it the casino's fault if the individual becomes addicted? Or is it the responsibility of the individual to know if they should gamble and if they do, how much should they spend and when to stop?

These are all examples of allowing or giving away ones responsibility to follow their own belief system, and then blame their choice when it effects someone else.

The choices that individuals choose determine the outcome. The outcome will depend on the current belief systems accepted by the overall demography of concepts and values.